Our Services

JHYS focuses on providing premiere, quality services to its customers. It uses the highest quality equipment/products and delivers a high level of professionalism. JHYS’s management is highly qualified and experienced in its field of work. The management team strives to create a family-oriented atmosphere for its employees and customers. Moreover, it possesses leadership skills, inspiring employees to go the extra mile to meet and exceed customer needs. The customer is the primary focus of JHYS, and its loyal customer base proves the effectiveness of this emphasis.

 Some of our services:

Mowing – Company offers weekly lawn service that includes trimming and blowing off of debris from all sidewalks, walkways, and driveways.

Sprinklers – Sprinkler Installs, winterizations, repairs, and maintenance

Fertilizing – Fertilizing and Weed Control with both Liquid and Granular applications.

• Power Raking – Removing dead grass and thatch from the lawn.

• Aerating – Punching holes in the soil to allow roots to grow deeper.

• Leaf Cleanup – Spring and Fall leave removal. Service includes blowing out beds and removing branches and pine needles.

Landscaping – Anything from plantings to designing and landscaping entire projects.

• Shrub Trimming – Trimming of shrubs, bushes, and trees

• Weeding – Pulling those annoying ugly weeds from wherever they are.

• Snow Removal – Snow plows, machines, and shovels clear snow from (and haul away if necessary)  driveways, walkways, sidewalks, parking lots and roads.

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