John’s Home and Yard Service has been serving Billings and the surrounding areas for over 25 years.  John Singer started our company as the original owner and his son Matt, was the general manager.  Together they built a solid and honest reputation with a broad range of business and residential clientele within the community.

Fortunately for John but unfortunately for us, John retired to a life of leisure with his family and naturally Matt purchased the company.  Matt has many great and wonderful ideas to improve the business, but we never stray from the ideal that we are a family owned and operated company.  We encourage a strong work ethic in all of our employees and have built a solid and well-founded business through hard work and dedication.  Many of our employees have been with the company for almost 5 years and a few have been with us for longer than that.  All of our foremen are seasoned veterans and hard workers, therefore we feel confident in their ability to give great service.We strive to continually give excellent service to our customers, as is evidenced by their willingness to come back to us year after year.  Many of our contracts have spanned over ten years and some nearly twenty.  Being a family based operation means familiar faces and great customer rapport.  We love our community and it shows.

John’s Home and Yard Service is one of the only large companies in town that can truly meet your every need in a variety of lawn services.  Our services include lawn maintenance, landscaping installation and maintenance, tree and shrub trimming, sprinkler systems, power raking and aeration, fertilizer, fall and spring maintenance, snow removal, patio installation, weeding and leaf cleanup using the best commercial equipment on the market.  We also offer a variety of service packages for residential and commercial properties.  Thank you for considering us for your lawn needs and we hope to serve you in all your future lawn endeavors.

staff and employee photo