power raking benefits graphicPower raking is the process of cutting swathes into the dead material of lawns to remove dead grass so the soil can breathe and the grass can grow more efficiently.  Power raking differs from dethatching in extent.  While dethatching tears deeply into the soil, removing both dead layers and healthy root systems, power raking is a gentle process designed to tear out only the grass material at the surface of the soil.

What Is Thatch?

Thatch is a tightly interwoven layer of living and dead tissue existing between the green vegetation and soil surface.  It is composed primarily of products from stems, leaf sheaths, and roots that are fairly resistant to decay.  Although a little thatch improves the wear tolerance of a lawn, excessive thatch harbors disease organisms and insects, making the lawn more susceptible to damage from disease and drought.

Benefits of Power Raking

  • Increases the effectiveness of fertilizers, watering, and pest control.
  • Promotes a thicker and healthier lawn.
  • Allows for new grass growth.