We Install the Best Sprinkler Systems in Billings, MT

Sprinkler installation saves you time and ensures even watering across your yard.

There are many steps that you can take to keep your yard looking great throughout the year, but one of the most essential things that all yards need is a regular supply of water.

From your grass and flowers to bushes, shrubs, and trees, you need to water your yard regularly. While Mother Nature may provide ample rain at certain times of the year, there are regular periods of dryness and even drought that can plague the area.

Watering your yard with a water hose is an option, but this can be tedious and require constant attention to avoid over-watering. Consider, for example, how much you may struggle to get the water spray from the sprinkler to land in just the right spot so that your entire lawn is watered.

Our team is familiar with many types of sprinkler systems.

Our sprinkler experts have years of experience dealing with every kind of sprinkler system. There is no problem they can’t solve.

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How our sprinkler systems save you time and money

Sprinkler installation from John’s Home and Yard may provide you with a drastically improved experience for watering your yard. When you install an underground sprinkler system, you will no longer have to move your hose and sprinkler around and spend hours of your week ensuring that your yard is watered.

Once installed, you can set the timer so that the yard receives regular water around your schedule. The sprinkler heads can be installed perfectly so that all areas of your yard, including any plants in your yard’s landscaping, receive water evenly.

In addition, because the entire yard can be watered at once, you won’t have to spend long hours of your day with your water running. Instead, you can simply let the timer turn the sprinkler on and off, and you can go about your day knowing that the yard is watered and well-taken care of. It will receive the water it needs on a regular schedule, and this can promote a lush, healthy yard.

Sprinkler Winterization

It’s essential to winterize your sprinkler system to keep it in good working condition.

Water expands when it freezes, so you can imagine the havoc that leftover water in pipes can cause come wintertime. Winterization services may involve using compressed air to blow all the water out of the irrigation lines, emptying the backflow, or insulating above-ground components.

Sprinkler winterization must be done before freezing temperatures arrive, which could be anywhere from September to November here in Montana. Failing to blow out your sprinkler system can lead to burst pipes, broken sprinkler heads, and damage to other system components – and you likely won’t notice until you kick on your sprinkler system come spring. So, schedule a time for our team to winterize your irrigation system and spare yourself the risk of costly repairs when warm weather returns.

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If you are interested in learning more about sprinkler installation you can contact John’s Home and Yard today. A sprinkler system in Billings, MT will need to be customized to perfectly meet your yard’s needs, and one of the representatives from John’s Home and Yard Service can visit your property to provide you with a customized quote.