1. First locate the spark plug, typically on the front of the mower, and remove the spark plug wire for your safety by pulling the spark plug boot free from the spark plug.

2. Remove oil cap. Tip mower on its side and allow the oil to drain out into a pan until your mower’s oil level is at the right level.


Do not tip mower to the front, only to the side or the back.

3. Once you have the oil level lowered to the correct amount, check the air filter to make sure it is not full of oil. The air filter is in the airbox typically on the side of the engine. If the air filter is full of oil, you will need to replace it.  Clean the air-box with a dry cloth to remove any oil remaining in the box prior to inserting the new air filter.


4. Next, you are going to check the spark plug. Start by pulling the start rope.  If the pull rope will not pull through, then you need to remove the spark plug and pull the rope again. To remove the spark plug you can use a socket wrench or a spark plug wrench tool. Place the wrench on the spark plug and turn to the left. When you pull the start rope, the oil will come out through the spark plug hole. After you have pulled the starter rope a few times and the oil has finished coming out of the hole, wipe off the spark-plug and reinstall it.

5. After the spark-plug is back in place, try to start the engine. There will be a lot of smoke at first, but it will burn off, and then it will run clean after a few minutes.  If the mower still will not start, try replacing the spark-plug with a new one.

Of course, if you would like us to take care of this for you, our small engine repair department would be more than happy to help.